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Keycap pudding Astronaut mẫu mới

Giá thông thường
850.000 VND
Giá thông thường
950.000 VND
Giá bán
850.000 VND
  • [Dye-sublimation keycaps] Dye-sublimation technology makes the color penetrate into the keycaps; the font of the keycaps is clear and not easy to fade; the original state of the keycaps is maintained for a long time. Made of durable, oil-resistant PBT material, compared with ABS, PBT has better hardness, more abrasion resistance and high temperature resistance.
  • [PUDDING KEYCAP] Double-layer material design (top PBT material + bottom PC material), with RGB keyboard, can be used to enhance the RGB backlight of the keyboard, presenting a more dazzling RGB lighting effect. It makes your RGB keyboard even better.
  • [Compatibility] The set has 117 keys, suitable for most 61/64/68/71/82/83/84/87/96/104. ANSI US layout cherry mx switch keyboard.
  • [ASA Profile] The keycap set is designed with ASA profile, which is ergonomic. It's similar to OEM/Cherry but features spherical keycaps with different heights.
  • [What You Get] - 117 keycap set (including keycap puller); keycaps only, keyboard not included.