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Angry Miao

CYBERBOARD R2/R3 Typing Experience Flex Kit

Giá thông thường
2.990.000 VND
Giá thông thường
Giá bán
2.990.000 VND
Kit nâng cấp trải nghiệm gõ cho Cyberboard R2 và R3 đến từ Angry Miao. Bao gồm 9 thành phần : 
1. POM Plate - chất liệu POM nhám
2. Gaskets - Set gasket supersoft slow rebound 
3. All-New PCB -  mạch 1.2mm với flex cut và RGB semi-matte màu đen
4. Silicone Stands - chân silicon màu trắng 
5. PORON Foam - Chất liệu supersoft slow rebound
6. Switch Pads - 0.3mm chất liệu PORON
7. Transparent Stabilizer Pads - Pad Stab silicon.
8. Bottom Foam (Soft/Supersoft) - Chất liệu PORON slow rebound 
9. Case Foam - 0.5mm chất liệu PORON

Lưu ý : 

  • Chỉ tương thích với Cyberboard R2 (Le Smoking) và R3. Không tương thích với cyberboard top mount R1 và Terminal.
  • Trả hàng vào cuối tháng 12 / 2022.

Ready to add more flex to your perception of CYBERBOARD's feel? By incorporating a unique dual-mode PCB while retaining its full RGB functionality, you can enjoy our 2-level adjustable gasket flex without getting rid of your beloved RGB lighting effects. All thanks to our flex kit.


1. POM Plate - matte POM material
2. Gaskets - supersoft slow rebound material
3. All-New PCB - 1.2mm cutout PCB with lighting in semi-matte black
4. Silicone Stands - white silicone material
5. PORON Foam - supersoft slow rebound material
6. Switch Pads - 0.3mm PORON material
7. Transparent Stabilizer Pads - translucent silicone material with adhesive
8. Bottom Foam (Soft/Supersoft) - PORON slow rebound material
9. Case Foam - 0.5mm PORON material


  • Limited stock. After payment, your order will be shipped out within 7 days.
  • CYBERBOARD variants with Top Mount (R1, XMAS SPECIAL and Glacier Bundle) and Terminal are not supported.
  • The silicone stands are soft and elastic. After matching your flex kit setup, insert a switch on the top and bottom, and on the left and right sides to line everything up. Then, install the silicone stands.
  • The flex kit is specifically designed for CYBERBOARD R2 and R3. 
  • Refunds would only be accepted if there are quality issues involved.
  • We reserve the right to cancel suspicious orders (including but not limited to multiple orders from the same user, duplicate shipping addresses, etc.) without further notice.
  • Please join our Discord for more info.