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RE65 Keyboard Kit

Giá thông thường
2.970.000 VND
Giá thông thường
Giá bán
2.970.000 VND

We'd like to introduce the RE6.5 keyboard kit by Nuxroskb

Product pictures :

RE6.5 Base kit ($135) included :

  • Stacked Acrylic Case, Gasket mount with beautiful RGB effect
  • Aluminum / Poly plate
  • Krush 65 Hotswap pcb
  • Gasket + PE foam

Shipping on March 14th

Krush65 PCB will feature the following:

  • Hotswap
  • Support for daughterboard
  • USB Type-C
  • Rotary encoder
  • Underglow RGB
  • 4 flex-cuts
  • Keymapping through VIA/QMK

Layout supported:
Split space

Hotswap Layout

The Krush65 PCB and plate combo can also be used for KBD67 Lite and RE6.5 case with just a little unscrewing. It is also compatible with other KBD cases like KBD67, Blade 65, D65, etc.
The most important is the price. We will try to make this the most affordable and accessible to everyone

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