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Angry Miao

Tai nghe AM Cyberblade

Giá thông thường
7.990.000 VND
Giá thông thường
7.990.000 VND
Giá bán
7.990.000 VND
Tai nghe Cyberblade đến từ AM. Pre-order giảm ngay 300.000 đ còn 7.690.000. Nhập khẩu chính ngạch và hỗ trợ xuất hóa đơn VAT.
Color Options
-Shell Black
-The Dark Side
-Ghost White

What's in the box
-Charging Case
-Users Maunual/Warranty Card
-Memoryform Eartips * 3 Pairs
-Liquid Silicone Eartips * 4 Pairs
-0.8m USB Cable (Type C to Type C)
-2m USB Cable (Type C to Type A)
  1. Please click the link to know more about CYBERBLADE
  2. Angry Miao APP(iOS&Android) and AM Master(PC) are now available. You can upgrade the CYBERBLADE to the latest version(V2.7.29X3) to experience the newest functions. APP(Andriod&IOS) DownloadAM-Master(Windows) Download
  3. We reserve the right to cancel suspicious orders (including but not limited to multiple orders from the same user, duplicate shipping addresses, etc.) without further notice.

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